10 Benefits of UPVC Windows & Doors

It’s not by chance that UPVC has effectively become the standard for modern doors and windows! You may not know much about Un-plasticised Polyvinylchloride, but it’s now everywhere around you – within just about every doorway and window frame. In case you would care to know why BDS Windows and Doors took over the industry by storm and quickly secured leadership, here are the key benefits:

1) Superior Customization:

UPVC allows BDS Windows and Doors to make windows in just about any colour you want, and since the material is actually made of your chosen colour or imitation effects (rather than coated) … this means you won’t ever have to worry about repainting it. Additionally, the latest manufacturing processes provide a surprising range of customization options, in terms of shape and style.

2) Excellent Security:

Even though it’s a very light material, UPVC has an extraordinary sturdiness that makes for a remarkably secure frame that will quite hard to pry open. In fact, you’ll find it nearly impossible to do using everyday tools. This is especially true provided the door or window features a proper locking system that will secure the structure in place and keep the window panes flush into the wall.

3) Great Energy Efficiency:

Since it has low heat conductivity, UVPC will actually shield off the room and help create a closed system that will remain insulated while the doors and windows are closed. This means your house will have an improved energy rating, and you’ll find it easier to keep the atmosphere cozy an warm during the winter and nice and fresh during the summer.

4) Low Maintenance Material:

Unlike regular materials that require on-going maintenance that can range from sanding to repainting or varnishing, UPVC is virtually maintenance-free. Doors and windows made with this material will look good as new for many decades; even longer, if you just make sure to use some soapy water and a cloth every now and then, to keep the surface free of grime and dirt that might otherwise stain and corrode the material over a long time.

5) Unbeatable Durability:

Even if you live in a seaside area with unusually adverse weather elements, you’ll find UPVC is incredibly resilient to corrosion and rot that is typically caused by salt water. This material also features a special coating that blocks ultraviolet (UV) rays, meaning its colours won’t fade from direct sun exposure over the years.

6) Improved Ventilation:

Windows made of UPVC are designed to provide improved ventilation and effective airflow into a room, simply by tiling and turning the configuration of the window panes. This makes it quicker to ventilate a room when needed, and only when needed.

7) Eco-Friendly Solution:

Since UPVC is mostly made of recyclable materials, this is by definition an eco-friendly solution. When you also consider the fact it allows making doors and windows that will last for many decades, you quickly realize this is simply one of the best available options for any environmentally conscious homeowner.

8) Resistant to Weather:

The reason why it’s such low maintenance and durable material is mainly that UPVC doors and windows are extremely resistant to weather – no matter how aggressive the local climate happens to be, and no matter how extreme its temperature range.

9) Reduces Noise Levels:

Combined with double-glass window panels, UPVC windows can be as much as 50% more effective than traditional windows, when it comes to soundproofing your household. UVPC doors will outperform any conventional door since they fit very precisely into the UPVC door frame without any openings that might cause drafts.

10) Works as Fire Retardant:

Asides from all its other benefits listed here, UPVC is actually a fire rated material that effectively conforms to modern fire safety protocols; UVPC doors and windows will retard the advance of a roaring flame for as long as 30 minutes, as well as helping shield off the heat.