10 Tips For Choosing the Right Accountant

One of the most tedious and draining tasks an employer has to do is choosing an employer, more so an accountant. Everything from their skills to the payment has to be right or else, you risk losing millions of pounds if you pick an unqualified one. Here are ten tips for choosing the right accountant to help you narrow down the best out of the many applicants you have.

1) Set the expectations bar, high

The accountant you hire should do their work seamlessly, and bring in new ideas that will help grow your business.

Q. How have you grown your current employer’s business, and what strategies would use to build mine?

2) Know the aspects of the company that need help

Do you have partnerships that make tax filing difficult? Is your business small or large? Depending on the complexity of your situation, you will hire either a business, audit, or tax specialist to suit your needs.

Q. What have been your duties as an accountant for the past five years?

3) Choose an accounting firm that meets your needs

If yours is a small company, there is no need to hire a team of accountants. Pick just one or two from Chippendale and Clark who will follow up on your business’ tax requirements. However, if the organisation is big, you may have to increase the number of accountants you hire.

Q. What is the highest number of clients you have worked with, and what was your level of involvement?

4) Sector experience

While sector experience can be an added advantage, do not stress on it. As long as the person is well-versed in accounting, there is no need to get one that has worked on a similar business before.

Q. Have you worked with a company similar to mine before?

5) Meet the potential accountant to see whether there is chemistry

Before the accountant has a sit down with the HR, take time to talk to them and see how well you get along. The last thing you want is an employee who you don’t see eye to eye.

Q. What tax benefits does a limited company enjoy

6) What is required of the employer

A certain level of cooperation from the employer is required for the partnership to run smoothly.

Q. What should I provide you with so you can work well?

7) Verify the credentials

It is vital to hire an accountant who is a member of individual accounting bodies in the UK. Being a member of such accounting bodies goes to show how dedicated the person is to their career.

Q. Are you registered with accounting organisations, and what is your membership number?

8) Talk to a few of the accounting firm’s clients

Do not hire someone based on their claims alone. Look for both former and current clients, and find out why they advocate for this accountant’s services. You need to double check the information you get from them.

Q. What was the most significant change that XXX brought into the company?

9) Talk openly about remuneration

Remember you will have to pay them for their services, so find out how much it will cost you. See to it that you give a reasonable rate; Maybe exceed what they are receiving in their current place of employment.

Q. How much do you expect as payment for your services?

10) Take your time

Even though there is pressure to get an accountant soon, do not make a rush decision only to regret later. Take your time to vet each applicant, and select the one with the qualities you are looking for. Also, do not hire someone based on their potential.