20 Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

If you have a small bedroom, there are a number of things you can do to make your stuff fit more comfortably. Decluttering and paring down is sometimes not an option. For this reason, you have to be smart with your organization and layout.

Here are great ways to help you to makeover your storage and turn your small bedroom into a safe and organizational haven.

1. DIY Ladder wardrobe

This traditional wardrobe will not only create a comfortable feel to your entire small room, but it will also create more storage space beneath your hanging clothes to store your bags, shoes, or any other thing.

2. Under the bed storage

Maximizing the space under your bed is the easiest, smartest, and simplest way to add an area of storage. Vintage trunks, plastic containers, and woven baskets are perfect for your seasonal apparel, shoes or hat.

3. Storage Bed

A heightened or platform bed will help you find a solution to stuff piled. You could personalize it to fit whatever your need.

4. Up-cycling items

Up-cycling items such as an organizer mirror can enable you to create more space. You can use it to store make-up and hair products.

5. Double duty furniture

Do you require a desk? If yes, then opt for a smaller desk and place it near your bed to act as a bedside table.

6. Bedside gadget caddy

A bedside gadget caddy can replace your bedside table saving your storage space.

7. Window bench

The seat includes under-seat compartments and cubbies and you could use them for shoes or books. They are also a cosy place to sit on.

8. Door hanging

The backs of your wardrobe and room door can be an excellent place to store a range of things such as beauty or work supplied items.

9. Giant pegboard

This Giant pegboard will help you organize your stationery. You can even stick up photos of friends and family, photos, or inspirational quotes.

10. Hanging Rack

You can use this hanging rack to get away with scarves, jackets, or coats. If you want to make your storage more pretty, display beautiful posters or photos.

11. Build-in storage

Build-in wall storage unit increase more floor space in a room. They also include racks and shelves for storing items.

12. Corner shelves

These corner shelves are absolutely perfect for maximizing storage space. You can cover them with great photo frames or beautiful potted plants to make the best feature piece.

13. Simple coat hanger

You can use this wooden coat hanger to hang all lengths and types of jewellery and create amazing art.

14. Headboard storage

Incorporating storage into this headboard will help you utilize the space. You can store several things or even display, starting at the top.

15. Hanging shelf

A hanging shelf will save space and they also look cool and sleek.

16. Shoe grid

A shoe grid does wonders when it comes to efficiently save the floor space and organize your shoes. You can also use it for threading multiple things like towels or scarves.

17. Hanging laundry hamper

Hanging laundry hamper will save that floor space a laundry basket will sit on. You can simply make your own and hang it on the bedpost or on the back of a door.

18. Hanging rods

You can use hanging rods to store accessories that have sheer lengths like belts, scarf’s, or ties. You can add hooks onto the rods to attach coats and jackets from them or hang storage baskets.

19. Hanging Drawer

This hanging drawer is inexpensive, very lightweight, incredibly useful, and best for storage. You can use them for storing accessories like tee, gloves, trainers, gloves, and hats. Simply put, they have no limits.

20. Sliding wardrobe doors

Sliding wardrobe doors offer functionality, comfort, and they save space; they do not require room for the doors to open. Also, they fit in small spaces and they provide layers of compartments and shelves to allow you to increase your storage space. You can make your purchase on Superglide Wardrobes.


I strongly believe that these ideas inspired you to makeover your bedroom layout. Try them out and your room won’t feel too cramped.