5 Tips for Buying Prescription Glasses Online

Purchasing prescription glasses online gives you a wider pool of glasses options to choose from, whilst often costing a fraction of the cost of a high-street retailer. Purchasing glasses online at SureSpecs is actually relatively straight forward, so long as you know what to look out for. Here we look at 5 tips for buying prescription glasses online.

1. Getting Your Measurements Right

When you purchase a new pair of glasses online, you are not afforded the chance to try multiple pairs on and make decisions based on trial and error. You, therefore, need to get an accurate measurement of your pupil distance beforehand. This is the distance between your pupils when looking straight ahead, measured in mm. Perhaps the easiest way to achieve this measurement is to ask an optician during an eye test. If you’re looking to measure at home, either use a mirror and a ruler or, even better, ask someone to help measure. You need two measurements here: 1) measurement from the centre of one eye pupil to the centre of the other eye pupil; 2) measurement from the outside of one eye pupil to the outside of the other eye pupil. The standard measurement is 64mm for males and 60mm for females – although it’s good practice to get an accurate personal measurement.

You’ll also want to get an accurate measurement of your eye size, bridge size of your nose and temple size (for the arms of the glasses). These will ensure you have a frame that fits. Aside from measuring your actual face, you can choose a favourite old pair of glasses that fits just right and copy down the measurements.

2. Knowing Your Prescription

This may go without saying, but your prescription is a set of numbers for your left and right eyes. Sometimes these can be confusing, with Latin terms like OS for the left eye and OD for the right eye. Further abbreviations are used including DV for distance vision and NV for near vision. Simply enter in your series of numbers (written in 0.25 increments) into the online form, including your spherical prescription (+/-), cylindrical reading, axis, prism and base. If your prescription is blank in any of these, leave it blank online.

3. Choosing the Right Lens Type

Simply put, you have a choice between single vision, bifocal and varifocal lenses. Single vision lenses have just one vision power for single use, like reading or driving. Bifocal lenses have both near and distance portions, meaning that you needn’t switch between two pairs for long and short-sighted tasks. Varifocal lenses add a third, intermediate reading for all-around use. Knowing which type of lens you require is important for completing your online purchase. You should always choose the lens that best suits your lifestyle and requirements, whether for work or leisure.

There are many different options out there which suit different uses. Standard lenses are often plastic framed glasses typically used for low prescriptions. High index lenses are often more comfortable to wear because they’re lighter. Polycarbonate lenses are ideal if you require scratch- and shatter resistant materials, for instance when playing sports. Photo-chromatic lenses will help shield you from heavy sunlight whilst remaining clear in low-light situations.

4. Selecting the Right Style for Your Face

Your face shape will dictate the type of frame best suited for aesthetic and functional reasons. You’ll know your own face shape and what glasses have suited you in the past, so try to choose a pair that you know will compliment your appearance. An oval face, for instance, is often lucky enough to suit nearly all frame shapes, where round faces are best paired with narrower frame style with straight edges.

5. Shopping Around and Checking Returns Policies

The internet is a haven for savvy shoppers looking for deals. Look around for offers, such as buy-one-get-one-free promotions, to make the most of your shopping experience. Aside from deals, however, you should also pay attention to the fine print. You’ll want to shop at a reputable online retailer that offers a returns policy. Because sometimes you never know how a pair of glasses will suit you until you try them on, you’ll want the safety of mind that you’ll be able to return, refund or swap the pair. Sure Specs offers a 30-day returns policy provided you notify them within 14 days that you’re not happy with the glasses. This is ideal if you’ve made a mistake with your prescription or the frame just doesn’t suit your liking.