How to Choose the Right Storage Solution for your Business

Ring Binders

As businesses grow they often reach a point where their required storage capacity is threatening to exceed the available floor space. However, the disruption and expense of moving to larger premises is not always a viable option. A cost-effective alternative is to invest in space-saving storage units.

Assess your Storage Requirements

Installing a storage system can increase the efficiency of your business by providing well-organised shelving that’s easily accessible. It’s important to consider what you’ll be storing and how often staff will need to access the items. Many archive materials such as legal documents or medical records need uniform shelving with clearly-defined labelling. Smaller retail products such as jewellery can be first placed in boxes to make storage neat and tidy. Shelving units can maximise the available space from floor to ceiling but will require safety steps for ease of access.

Weights and Measures

A crucial factor regarding safety is installing shelving that can adequately distribute the weight of your stored items. This is referred to as the Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL). Weigh a small sample of your items in kilograms then multiply it by the total amount you expect to store to check if your preferred system is suitable. Always opt for shelving with a load-bearing capacity that is greater than your estimate. Measure the dimensions of the space where your storage units will be placed and plan a detailed lay-out to determine how much shelving you can comfortably include. In some cases a system of fixed shelving that’s easy to bolt together might provide enough storage. If it appears inadequate an effective alternative is a system of shelving units that conveniently move together.

Mobile Shelving

This consists of wheeled shelving compartments that can be pushed together to form a single enclosed unit that’s compact and lockable. When the units are pulled apart they create aisles with easy access. The increase in available floor space and the additional storage capacity with a mobile system is significant. When closed the unit releases up to fifty percent of your allocated floor space while increasing storage capacity by up to one hundred percent. The stored contents are kept free of dust and the main unit can also be securely locked. Mobile shelving systems are perfect for increasing stock in retail outlets or storing large volumes of paperwork in offices.

How they Work

Mobile shelving is installed onto running tracks fitted onto the floor surface or embedded beneath it for a streamlined appearance. Both methods present hazard-free installation. Manual operation includes handles on the exterior that are rotated by hand in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions to open and close the shelving bays. Electric mobile shelving is powered by a small motor concealed beneath its base and the bays are accessed automatically by operating a single button. Mobile units can also be tailored to fit awkward or confined spaces.