The 8 Hottest Jobs In The Telecoms Industry

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The comms industry continues to be highly lucrative despite the tech jobs surge and still showcases a wealth of career opportunities. This industry features video, internet, data as well as other communication services. You are sure to find your dream job in the Telecoms world. Here are 8 of the Hottest Jobs in the Telecoms Industry.

1. Installers and Technicians

Equipment installers deal with setting up networks to in buildings and offices. Their primary role is to ensure all elements within a system, including routers modems among other equipment, are working effectively. Examples of titles in this field include field engineers as well as installation engineers. Installers and technicians use specialized network and telecoms tools to carry out installation. If you are condsidering a career as a network installer, you can find all the specialized tools you will need at Telkom International.

When you opt to work as line installer or repairer, your primary role would be to set up wires and cables connecting to various homes and communities. You’d also gain vast experience in repairing telephone poles in case of an outage or upgrading the poles to work better. Titles in this field include frame engineers and RAN engineers.

2. Customer service Representatives

Customer care representatives handle calls from existing customers. They answer questions, inform customers about new services and new changes in current services, and handle any complaints through phone, online support, or by conventional mail systems.

3. Telephone operator

Telephone operators work to assist customers with a wide array of requests. It can be anything from connecting a customer to an emergency service or issuing helpful phone numbers. Other duties and functions you may be involved in will be as per the requirements of the telecoms company you work.

4. Telecoms engineers

When you gain lots of experience in data and communication, you can become a telecoms engineer. The duty scope of telecoms engineers is pervasive, and they have many roles from designing new equipment, planning cable routes, and much more. These professionals also have full certifications such as Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert based on their qualifications. Titles found in this category include design engineer along with NOC engineers.

5. Telecom specialists

Duties of Telecoms specialists are highly specialised, roles can be as simple as coordination, or based on specific niche expertise such as data analytics or operating support systems. You will find these specialists coordinating, managing, or supporting the creation of products together with devices. They can sometimes be a communication bridge between customers and installers or repairer when it comes to repairs and maintenance of cables and systems.

They also follow up and ensure the success of specific issues, such as ensuring the delivery of a project. Some of the titles in this field include program managers, project managers, architects, and service delivery managers to mention but a few. You would require specialised skills in a variety of areas such as Private Branch exchange offered by companies such as Mitel to the creation of mobile apps or skills in data science.

6. Telecom sales

Telecom sales are about the sales of items such as internet and phones in both residential and commercial spaces. After undergoing training, you get hired. Apart from knowledge of telecoms products, you will also gain expert tricks in sales and learn to use communication as a means to get leads.

7. Telecoms Managers & support personnel

Most Telecoms managers and support personnel work in comfortable office environments. The jobs in this category are mostly administrative and can be anything from managing customer service staff or managing of communication networks.

8. Marketing specialists

Marketing is a field in the telecoms industry that’s growing at a fast rate. The main job of these professionals is to make company ads. The duties you may finds yourself doing include, writing sales copies, carrying out surveys on top radio stations and much more.