Why Escape Rooms make an Ideal Corporate Team Building Event

Live Escape Room

Most businesses recognise the important role played by team-building events. Not only do they encourage cooperation and collaboration between colleagues but they can improve the atmosphere at the workplace.

A new trend which has proven very popular over the past few years is for employee team-building events to take place inside an escape room. Participants are locked inside for 60 minutes. In a race against the clock, they must search for clues, analyse the significance of objects in the room and then work together to solve the riddles which will give them the key to freedom.

Based in Swindon, Incarcerated is a good example of this unique platform with themed rooms, which range from conspiracy theories to horror, and with the capability to host teams of up to 31 people per hour.

In which ways can these escape rooms benefit your company?

Fostering team-building skills

Without the key skills of communication, collaboration and teamwork, nobody will be able to attain their goal of escaping from the locked room within the 60-minute time limit. The vast majority of the riddles require the participants to cooperate in order to make sense of the clues. With their awareness of the ticking clock, they must also keep each other informed of their progress and request or volunteer help.

All of these skills reflect those which are needed in the corporate world, particularly when employees are working together on a team project. If they succeed in escaping, this sense of achievement creates a foundation for future cooperation once they’re back in the work environment.

Impact on employees’ morale and motivation

Completing an escape room successfully can boost morale in the workplace. This makes an enormous difference to how workers do their jobs. Well-treated employees change their attitudes to their work in general and the clientele in particular. A happy worker leads to happy customers.

Working as part of a team fosters feelings of camaraderie within the group too. This translates well into the corporate world where successful business entails everyone working together to attain a common goal.

Escape room participants take great pride in being able to solve the riddles. Overcoming obstacles and the ensuing success give employees greater confidence in their own abilities and the motivation to meet other work-related challenges too.

Identifying employees’ character types

The demands of the escape room can reveal a great deal about employee character types. For the mission to succeed, one participant will adopt the role of leader who will delegate roles to his/her co-workers and play an important role in solving the trickiest puzzles.

The group dynamics within the room will also make it clear who the high performers are. These will be the employees who are a constant point of contact throughout the challenge and whose views are respected by their colleagues. This crucial information about character traits allows managing directors to allocate their human resources where they can play the best role for the company.

However, the best thing about these escape rooms is that they can manage to be both a valuable tool for team-building and great fun.